ICNF on the way to Madeira Island

5th Internacional Conference on Natural Fibers will happen in Madeira

The evaluation of the participants leaves no room for doubt, the ICNF2019 was a great success and is increasingly becoming a world reference event. For Raul Fangueiro, Chair of the conference “from a scientific point of view, the ICNF2019 showed the high quality of the research work that is done around the world on natural fibers. It is safe to say that this was one of the best editions of ICNF, it was a very successful edition as we had over 270 participants and over 300 abstracts submitted. I would say we had a global implementation of ICNF”.


The opinion is shared with the other participants. Xungai Wang, Keynote Speaker even states that “the event was fantastic! This is not the first time I attend ICNF and the event was very well organized. I loved being able to see how many people from all over the world are interested in natural fibers”

Lars Berglund defended the existence of the conference as a way to safeguard studies in the area: “I particularly believe that there are many good presentations on various types of natural fibers ranging from basic structures and properties to their applications in the textile sector. I believe the very origin of the conference is very important for the future to preserve the core of plant fiber studies”


With the success of the fourth edition the continuation of the ICNF is assured. In 2021 the International Conference on Natural Fibers will travel to the island of Madeira, Portugal.

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