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We are a global community that aims to disseminate information about natural fibers to institutions, companies and scholars. With membership status you will have access to unique content such as scientific articles, training and job opportunities, as well as discounts at a variety of international fairs, conferences and events.

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scientists, researchers, educators, students, industry professionals

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industries, companies and corporations

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Access to WANFR research archive
Newsletter on science, research, funding and technology news
Exclusive webinars, videos, articles
Firsthand access to reports and BI on natural fibres research
Exclusive webinars, videos, articles
Job search tools
Meetings and specialized online communities
Networking tools for co-operation amongst members in research projects
Apply to organize a regional chapter of WANFR
Exclusive network with other companies, universities and brilliant researchers
Talent search
Possibility of launching challenges (ideation processes)
Conferences (ICNF), workshops and advanced courses, publications

* WANFR registration will be free until 31st May 2021. Enjoy!

Membership FAQs

Is my organization eligible for membership? Where can I find an application to join WANFR?
You can find the answers in WANFR frequently asked questions.

Is my organization eligible for membership?

WANFR membership is available to any individual or organization that work with or are interested in natural fibers.

How do I become a member?

You or your company/institution becomes a member by completing and submitting a membership application. Once we approve the application and receive payment, we will notify you that the membership has been activated and you can enjoy the benefits.

How long does membership last?

Membership in WANFR is for a 12-month period from the time your membership begins.

Where can I find an application to join WANFR?

You can complete a membership application online, in the “Membership Benefits” section.

I have other questions about membership, who do I contact?

Please use the contact form in the “Contact WANFR” section and we will be able to assist you further.

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